the essence of the path

HH Dudjom Rinpoche Jigdral Yeshe Dorje

To my Lord of Dharma, peerless, kind,
My glorious Lama, homage!
His lotus feet I place Upon my chakra of great bliss.

Here is my advice, Some counsel useful for your mind.

Not to keep yourself from evil actions
Is to have no pratimoksha.
Not to work for others’ welfare
Is to have no bodhichitta.
Not to master pure perception
Is to have no Secret Mantra.
If illusions don’t collapse,
There is no realization.

If you opt for one side or the other,
That is not the View.
If you have a goal in mind,
That is not the Meditation.
If your conduct’s a contrivance,
That is not the Action.
If you hope and wish,
You’ll have no Fruit.

Those with faith will go for refuge;
Those who have compassion will have bodhichitta;
Those with wisdom will gain realization;
Those who have devotion harvest blessings.

Those who have a sense of shame are careful how they act;
Careful in their actions, they are self-possessed;
Self-possessed, they keep their vows and pledges;
Keeping vows and pledges, they will have accomplishment.

Peaceful self-control: the sign of one who’s heard the teachings!
Few defiled emotions are the mark of one who meditates.
Harmony with others is the sign of one who practices.
A blissful heart is witness to accomplishment.

The root of Dharma is your very mind.
Tame it and you’re practicing the Dharma.
To practice Dharma is to tame your mind—
And when you tame it, then you will be free!

Dudjom Rinpoche
Counsels from My Heart
Padmakara Translation Group

Webcast to be rescheduled!

~ Although a majority of Pema Osel Ling has a generator for power, the internet service is down. So it’s better to reschedule the Oct 12th webcast with Drubpon Pema Rigdzin for another day. We are looking at no power for seven days.

If you are in California and experiencing the same, be well and stay safe.

So far the energy in town has not been chaotic but that may change shortly. Stop lights are down, some businesses are closed including a local Safeway.

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Guru Rinpoche at Pema Osel Ling

Master Padma said: When you take the Dharma to heart, there will be ten signs. 

The lady asked: What are these ten signs? 

The master said: When your grasping decreases, that is the sign of having expelled the evil spirit of fixation on concrete reality. 

When your attachment grows less, that is the sign of being free from ambitious craving. 

When your disturbing emotions decrease, that is the sign of the five poisons being pacified from within. 

When your selfishness decreases, that is the sign of having expelled the evil spirit of ego-clinging. 

When you are free from embarrassment and hold no reference point whatsoever that is the sign that your deluded perception has collapsed. 

When you are free from the concepts of meditator and meditation object and never lose sight of your innate nature that is the sign that you have met the mother of Dharmata. 

When any perception arises as unbiased individual experience, that is the sign of having reached the core of view and meditation. 

When you have resolved samsãra and nirvana as being indivisible, that is the sign that full realization has arisen within. 

In short, when you have no clinging to even your own body, that is the sign of being totally free from attachment. 

When you remain unharmed by suffering and difficulties, that is the sign of understanding appearances to be illusion. 

When you have only a minor degree of the eight worldly concerns, that is the sign of having recognized the nature of mind. 

In any case, when your inner signs show outwardly it is like a tree that has sprouted leaves. When the outer signs arc noticed by other people it is like fruit of the tree that has ripened and can be eaten. 

There are many Dharma practitioners without even a single virtuous quality. People with realization are extremely rare, so it is essential to exert yourself in meditation practice. 

~ Dakini Teachings ~ Rangjung Yeshe Publication

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