In any virtue you accomplish, large and small

How amazing! Listen, woman diligent in virtue!

In any virtue you accomplish, large and small,

the key is to have the three excellences’ guide you.

In generating compassion and the mind of

awakening (bodhicitta) in your mind,
stable mindfulness is important.

Within samsara and enlightenment’s space-like nature,

recognition of awareness’s essential nature as the unfabricated, dharmakaya is the view.

To settle naturally in unfabricated present awareness

is meditation.

Take as the key of conduct that all your activity

should accord with the sacred Dharma and
practice diligently as I’ve described.

I, Jnana, spontaneously wrote this as a woman
named Jnana requested.

Wisdom Nectar: Dudjom Rinpoche’s Heart Advice
Translated by Ron Garry
The Tsadra Foundation Series
Snow Lion Publications

Photo Source:
Facebook/Buddha Pictures maintained by Karma Sonam

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Realization of the empty nature of apparent existence

How amazing!

Realization of the empty nature of apparent existence,
All phenomena of samsara and enlightenment free from formulations like space, is the king of views.

Present awareness is uncontrived, primordially present dharmakaya.

To sustain the natural state without grasping is the supreme key to meditation.

To maintain a balance between view and conduct and always to be careful regarding virtuous and negative actions is correct conduct.

Practice like this and your innate dharmakaya will become evident.

Seize this ultimate result!

I, Jnana, wrote this.

Wisdom Nectar Translated by Ron Garry
Snow Lion Publications